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SV2 Studios is your one-stop production & post house in Greensboro, North Carolina. We believe that great cinema is the perfect marriage of visuals &sound. Contact us so we can make your project, from a simple social media video to feature film cinematic. We've worked on high-end projects with LeVar Burton & Bryan Adams and zero-budget 48 hour films, so no matter what your budget, we have the solution for your project.



·  In Saturn’s Rings, 2018 4K IMAX, Narrated by LeVar Burton, Global Theatrical Release

·  14 Cameras, 2018 4K Feature Theatrical Release

·  Cease Fire, 2017 3D Feature

·  Ape 3D, 2017 3D Feature

·  The Ties that Bind, 2017 2K Documentary Feature

·  Faith’s Song, 2017 2K Feature Theatrical Release

·  Snarky Puppy Family Dinner Volume Two, 4K Feature Theatrical Release

·  One Mind, 2016 2K Documentary Feature

·  Pitchfork, 2016 4K 2D Feature

·  13 Cameras, 2016 2D Feature, Theatrical Release

·  Gog, 3D Feature, 2016 Theatrical Restoration

·  Harvest, 2016, 2D Feature

·  3-D Rarities, 2015, 3D Feature, MoMA screening

·  Lost Colony, 2015, 2D Feature

·  Love & Terror on the Howling Plains of Nowhere, 2014, 2D Feature Documentary

·  Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies, 2014, 2D Feature

·  The Bubble 3D, 1966, 3D Feature restoration

·  Kabbalah Me, 2014, 2D Feature Documentary (First Run Features)

·  Watermelon Magic 2013, 3D & 4K 2D

·  Furever, 2013, 2K Doc Feature

·  The Cloth, 3D, 2K 3D Feature

·  Doomsdays, 2013, 2K Feature

·  Jugface, 2K Feature, 2013

·  Room on the Broom, 2013. 2K Feature

·  The Stewardesses 3D, restoration 2013

·  Electoral Dysfunction, 2K Doc Feature

·  Wiggle Room, 2012, 2D Short, Oscar Shortlisted

·  The Gruffalo, 2012, 30 Minute Short, 2K

·  Jillian’s Travels, 3D 2012, 30 Minute Documentary

·  Detroit Unleaded (2012), Feature 2K, Toronto Film Festival

·  Mexican Sunrise, 2012 Restoration, 2K Feature

·  Hellphone (2010),  Feature 2K

·  Got the Facts on Milk (2010), Feature Doc, 2K




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With over two decades in shooting film, video and digital cinema, we bring artful, cinematic visual storytelling to every budget level. From our own shooting with our in-house BlackMagic Design Cinema Cameras to working with leading DPs on larger projects, we can cater to any shoot and style.

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A great edit and a masterful sound mix is critical to cinematic, compelling film and video. Stephen van Vuuren has won multiple editing awards for narrative, commercials, music videos, giant screen films and more. We offer sound design,  editing, 5.1 surround mixing for all media and deliverables


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Often, on low budget indie projects, professional color correction and mastering are compromised. We offer you affordable options for all major mastering formats - Digital Cinema Packages (DCP) via SV2 DCP), Bluray & DVD, Web including 4K & 8K HDR, broadcast and more.

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