Promo Videos

There is nothing worse that creating a promotional video that fails to both entertain and communicate your business. It can be challenging – and Velocity Trade Exchange proved to be a tough challenge. Velocity is a ‘”barter exchange bank” and they found that people either understood the business very quickly or it took some time for people to grasp how VTE worked.

So we decided to create a promo that spoofed those 1950’s educational films – that way it would entertain even if you quickly understood the concept, but also would take the time to explain the whole process for those who need a thorough explanation. This 5 minute video successfully replaced much longer PowerPoint and printed presentations.

For Woods of Terror, their previous commercial was produced by the local TV station and failed to excite both them and their customers. Since their target demographic is horror and horror movie fans, we decided to create ads that felt like a really cool horror movie trailer, but only used real footage shot at their actual location – what people would see if they visited. The resulting commercials have been a resounding success – helping them reach their goals for growing Woods of Terror.