SV2 Studios produce some of the most stylish, innovative and eye-catching commercials for clients in the Triad area. Clients include Mark Holder Jewellers, Woods of Terror, Balance Day Spa and All Over Media.

Using our background in producing high-quality, but ultra-low budget films, we specialize in creating ads that look like they cost many times their actual budgets. Here’s two good examples of ultra low budgets and very tight schedules, we shot two commercials for digital sign use — so they needed to be effective even if the soundtrack could not be heard. The client wanted to help sell the idea of why seeing a digital sign ad in a bathroom or at a gas pump was effective i.e. the power of having a captive audience.

For Woods of Terror, their previous commercial was produced by the local TV station and failed to excite both them and their customers. Since their target demographic is horror and horror movie fans, we decided to create ads that felt like a really cool horror movie trailer, but only used real footage shot at their actual location – what people would see if they visited. The resulting commercials have been a resounding success – helping them reach their goals for growing Woods of Terror.

For Mark Holder Jeweller, they too felt their previous ads did not truly reflect the quirky, fun but classy spirit of their family owned business. We came up with a variety of both 15 second and 30 seconds ads that proved a hit with them and their customers.